Demand for treatment

Information sources

In 2002, as in 2001, two information sources were used: the extended TDI protocol in treatment centres where data were available and a concise form of the TDI protocol, which is included in the tables collected since 1993. In order to be consistent with previous years and see trends over time, in some cases the second information source has been used. The number of covered cases for each country by data source is reported in the online version (1).

(1) Table 1 OL: Number of covered cases by data source.

The characteristics (e.g. social characteristics) of clients entering treatment as well as their consumption behaviour (e.g. the proportion of injectors or opiate users) are potential indicators of wider trends in problem drug use. Treatment demand data also offer a view of the organisation of treatment centres in Europe. However, biases may arise owing to different methods of information collection and variation in the type of treatment services on offer in different countries. Data collection was based for the second time on a common European protocol (treatment demand indicator, TDI), including information on around 150 000 patients (10).

(10) A full report on the treatment demand indicator is available online.