Notified cases of hepatitis B and C

Notification data for HBV and HCV are available for some countries. Although definitions differ and do not allow direct comparisons to be made, trends over time may provide useful information. Reported cases of hepatitis C seem to have decreased over time in Denmark, Finland and Sweden, whereas numbers have increased in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In the case of hepatitis B, decreases have also occurred in Denmark and Finland, whereas the numbers of cases have increased in Norway and the United Kingdom. Increased testing may partly account for increasing trends. The proportion of all cases accounted for by IDUs is very high (about 90 % in the case of HCV and 40–70 % in the case of HBV) in most countries, suggesting that the majority of HBV and almost all cases of HCV infection in the EU are due to injecting drug use (25).

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(25) See Statistical Table 21: Notified cases of hepatitis C infection among injecting drug users in the EU and Statistical Table 22: Notified cases of hepatitis B infection among injecting drug users in the EU and Norway.