Chapter 2: Responses to drug use

This chapter presents an overview of developments in national and EU drug policies and strategies. Responses to the drugs problem in the fields of education, healthcare, social care criminal justice and supply reduction are also covered.

National drug policy developments

Reorganisation in drug coordination systems  |  Public perception of drugs and drug policy

Legal developments

Treatment and rehabilitation  |  Monitoring of traffickers  |  Measures to reduce public order/nuisance offences

Developments at EU level


Harm-reduction responses

Prevention of infectious diseases  |  Reducing drug-related deaths


Medically assisted treatment  |  Drug-free treatment  |  Standards and quality of treatment

Responses targeting drug users in criminal justice settings

Policy framework  |  Prison-based psychosocial and health interventions  |  Alternatives to incarceration

Supply reduction

Interdiction measures  |  Anti-money laundering measures  |  Measures against diversion of chemicals under control